How To Travel Cheap To Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos, Pangasinan

If my memory serves me right, I think it was two months ago before our planned escapade when I read  about Cabongaoan beach in Burgos, Pangasinan being included in the top ten virgin beaches in the Philippines. Not knowing what to visit this summer and, due to my desire for something "adventurous," I invited Wynn and Amos to join me. Fortunately, they agreed.  Unfortunately, Wynn and Janelle weren't able to join us.
I'll have a separate blog about our beach escapade from Cabongaoan to Tambobong Beach. For now, I'll write some tips on how to travel cheap to Cabongaoan Beach. Here they are:

1. Bring your own tent or car. From Baguio City, we reached Cabongaoan Beach past nine in the evening. We were first timers in that place and it was totally dark when we arrived. We didn't have any reservation so left with no option but to stay in a tent. Good thing I brought mine so we didn't spend anything for accommodation. We only spent less than Php200 at Cabongaoan …

Join Friend Code Program Today

Image, the ultimate leisure provider for travelers in the Philippines, offers an easy way for you to earn up to 65% referral fees from your friends’ hotel and tour bookings! Their recently-launched Friend Code Program, formerly known as the Affiliate Program, has expanded and made even better as it now becomes open not just for bloggers and Facebook page owners, but for everyone!

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ZOOBIC NIGHT SAFARI 2017: “A Wild Night Out”

Imagine the wildlife at night. The excitement and enchantment from big cats to flying bats, and other animals in their natural habitat as the evening falls. On October 28, 2017, Zoobic Safari brings back the much awaited “Night Safari”, packed with more thrill and excitement. Awaken your curious side and see all the exotic yet captivating animals in real life. You can also walk together with the greyhound dogs and step into a twilight sanctuary in the Enchanting Forest with Greyhound Walk.

Gear up your nocturnal senses and prepare for a series of roaring nights of fun in visiting Zoobic Safari’s classic attractions, Serpentarium; a wild encounter with snakes, lizards and iguanas, Zoobic Park, a walk-through petting zoo, Tiger Safari, an enclosed safari jeep ride that will take you to the tigers’ natural habitat, Croco Loco, a crocodile lair where you will have a chance to feed and watch them.

Take a ride on the wild side as you tour around the vicinity of the zoo in a bright and col…

Two Days and One Night in El Nido for Php2950.00*

Admit it. El Nido is part of your where-to-go bucket list but the only thing that is stopping you, aside perhaps from your "busyness" or you probably ran out of leave credits, is it's pricey. Yup, definitely El Nido is expensive unless (one) you're on a promo and/or sale round-trip plane ticket, (two) you've took advanatge of a discounted room accommodation and (three) you availed of a cheaper tour package offered by your Ka-DIY.

When I visited Palawan a few months ago, my initial plan was to visit the Underground River and meet some of my former workmates but considering my departure to PPS which was, by the way, fortunately delayed for almost an hour, I decided to visit El Nido. If the flight wasn't delayed, then, I'd definitely miss it!

Anyway, here's an overview of my expenses during my El Nido escapade:

Tour Package - Php1200.00 inclusive of Environmental Fee (courtesy of Joshua)*
RT Van  (PPS-El Nido-PPS) - Php1000.00 (courtesy of Joshu…

How I Explored Coron, Palawan for Three Days and Two Nights for Less Than Php4000.00

Like I always say, travelling needs not be expensive, and when I say expensive I’m talking about Php5000+ for a domestic escapade. Contrary to what majority think, we don’t actually need to shell-out thousands of “pesoses” to explore the hidden gems or the top tourist attractions of our beloved archipelago. In fact, a paradise-like place like Coron can be “explored” for three days and two nights for as low as Php4000 - including airfare, food, hotel accommodation and tour package. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here’s how I managed to “explore” Coron for three days and two nights for less than Php4000.00:

1. Watch out for airfare sales and promos. This is a must if you want to travel cheap. Major airlines in the Philippines often offer seat sales on major Philippine Holidays so mark these dates on your calendar or sign-up or subscribe to their newsletters and promotions. Air Asia, a low-cost airline in the Philippines, offers exclusive 24-hour advance/priority booking to its Big Shot members so ma… Announces First Trip to Japan Winner

Image, the leading online travel agency in the Philippines, announced on their official Facebook page today their first Konnichi-WOW promo winner. Erwin Sarmiento from Quezon City is set to have an all-expenses paid trip to Japan.

Sarmiento’s prize is inclusive of round trip plane tickets, free hotel accommodation, and pocket money. He also has the option to bring one companion to his trip.

The Konnichi-WOW raffle draw was held last April 11, 2017 with the supervision of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Representative Rhoda Sevillino and Business Planning and Market Strategy Officer Mary Angeli Pasquin.

Sarmiento is the first of the three winners of’s Konnichi-WOW promo. The said promo was launched last March 10 in celebration of the company’s fourth anniversary and continues until May 31, 2017. Two more winners will be announced on May and June 2017 respectively.

Interested travelers can still join the next raffle draw simply by booking th…

Lunad sa Balod Set on October 21-23 at Buenavista Surf Camp

Lunad sa Balod, a national surfing competition, is set on October 21-23 at the Buenavista Surf Camp in Buenavista, Gubat, Sorsogon.

In photo: Yours truly during my recent visit at the surf camp in Buenavista.

From Dingalan Lighthouse to Zambales to San Fernando and A Taste of Sweet Bites LU Cafe

Some of you might have noticed that I haven't updated my blog for  months - four months to be specific. Well, you've got an excellent observation! Blame it to Globe's wonky data. I swear!

Anyway, to keep you posted I decided to "list down" some of the places that I've checked over the last four months. Here they are:

1. Dingalen Lighthouse in Dingalen, Aurora Province.  We wee the fist few to visit Dingalen Lighthouse before the local government of Dingalen issued a memorandum on a strict policy on visiting the place. I was on "solo-mode" until I met Mabel and Nok in Cabanatuan. I first met Mabel at Basekamp at Market Market.

In Dingalan, we stayed at Ate Neg's Cottage. Overnight fee is Php500.00. You may contact her at 0909-031-6060 or 0929-277-3199 (c/o Leny). You may contact also contact Kuya Boboy/Ate Lourdes at 0918-503-6080.

2. Dingalen Feeder Port. If you are planning to visit Dingalan, tell the tryke driver to bring you here and everythin…