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Welcome toWandering Pinoy! My name is Aris Esquivias Enconado. I'm a Filipino based here in Baguio City. I work as a Quality Analyst for a US-based financial institution. I was an Economics major and a Political Science minor from the University of the Philippines. I'm a frustrated writer, a frustrated lawyer, an occasional poet and an aspiring model. I want to be famous someday!

About my interests? Well, I love blogging and traveling and running (for a cause), and I love to have a business someday, preferably a convenience store or a bookstore. I like to read and write, and I love to argue with people who do not agree with me too profoundly. I don’t like people whose major objective in this world is pleasure. I hate backstabbers, litterers, illegal loggers, oppressors, bad girls and anything that’s beyond my comprehension.

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(Last update: September 29, 2013)

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