17 Wishes Before I 'Hit' the Bed Again

1. an end to abuse and exploitation of women and children, social injustice, poverty, hunger, violence, discrimination, racism and slavery in all parts of this world. (Left photo: the majestic cape: I really wish to visit this again)

2. a brand new Samsung Omnia, Samsung Innov8 or a Google Phone(the model was featured at Tech 101 of the Manila Bulletin)

3. one-night stand with my newest crush, the one who interviewed me at ‘toot-toot-toot’. Hehehe. I better not mention where!

4. kids…kids…kids…kids! Oh wait….what am I talking about? Not yet for me. It’s too early! Hehehe!

5. another visit to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos. I visited the place five years ago with my classmates in History I at UP Baguio (under Professor Eric Javar). It’s absolutely cool and hip there! Wow!

6. those grad pix from Ada. I really wonder if she’s done with the ‘repicturing’ of those pix. Still am waiting until now! Hehehe!

7. a four-layer Toblerone Torte or Chocnut Valhrona Cake . So yummy….

8. world peace…

9. economic and political stability in our country, and a peaceful and credible Presidential Elections next month. No cheating please….(oh....I can't vote due to my worl schedule)

10. a healthy mind and a healthy body. Oh…did I take this line from the Century tuna TV commercial?

11. what about a modeling contract with Bench? Hahaha! I’m just kidding. But why not if given a chance? Just watch me in the next Bench Fever at the Araneta Coliseum! Hahaha!

12. more and more money. Why? Because I won’t surely survive without money. What about you?

13. a trip to Palawan with the most important person in my life right now. You guess who…

14. world peace!!! But didn’t I mention this a while ago? Never mind. We really have to achieve world peace, right?

15. a better Philippines. I expect more positive changes in our country. Enough of too much politics please…

16. justice to all people who need and seek it (especially the poor, the oppressed and the underprivileged)

17. world peace again. Hehehe! Let’s love each other and not ‘war’ each other. War won’t do anything good to (wo)mankind. It’s a culprit, and there’s no such thing as victory or victorious in war!


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