According To Some People Around Me Part I

Someone said I’m selfish. Am I? But selfish for what reasons? Am I being selfish for not telling what I know because it’s stricly confidential and I’ll be ‘punished’ if I tell other people about it? Am I being selfish for just minding my own business and not of those other people who think like they know what the law is all about? Am I being selfish for just relying on myself and for believing that I can do some things alone? So someone said I’m selfish? I strongly disagree.

He said he doesn’t want to help me because I once criticized him for being corrupt. Fine, I don’t care. If it’s his decision then I can’t change it. So he doesn’t want to help me? No problem! I’m sure there’s someone out there who is a lot willing to offer me some aid.

She said I’m childish so she doesn’t want to hang-out with me. I asked her why I’m childish but she did not answer. I asked her again but she only gave me a shrugged. So how’s that? But if I really am childish then fine for me. I don’t care. It’s nice to be ‘kiddy’ sometimes by the way!

I am no plastic but why do I still hear people saying that I am? I really don’t get it. I think they’re just trying to ruin me because they know that I’m a lot better than them in many, many ways. Okay i lie occasionally but plastic? No way. Not really my kind!

Off topic: I miss university days. I miss UP Baguio. I miss researches. I miss bluebooks. I miss the library. I miss terror profs. I miss Oble. And I miss difficult exams. Whe, I wish I could turn back time ans be a student again!


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