At Two in the Morning

I hold your clammy hands and I remember the time we kissed…how frail you were back then!

Even as I told you not to fear anything, you held my hand tightly, making me think that I was finally worth something. The memory was vivid: how soft your lips were on mine, how they touched with such grace, how we kissed with such softness. Our eyes were closed, and I fought to let that stay that way! I realized that if I opened them, I might loss that moment and return to this cold sea of confusion!

I imagined how great we could be: walking alone the shoreline feeling the sand grit our feet, traveling roads where we’d be holding cheap coffee in styro-cups, listening to voices that lull us back to slumberland, resting my head on your navel reading The Sorrows of Young Werther, staring at the oddly formed clouds mapping out futures to come, staring at stained windows with us on either side…

But I opened my eyes and then I suddenly realized that I was on my bed!


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