GDC Wave 58, Sitel and Other Matters

Six years of blogging and still am here! So great although sometimes I worry if I don't meet the expectations of my readers - I mean those readers who really are very much concerned with what I write or what I blog about. but no quitting anyway. Blogging is and will always be part of my life no matter what happens. Hmmm!

But you guys are probably wondering whyI left wordpress, huh? Simple: I just realized that Blogger is a lot better than Wordpress, and i really mean to say this and I don't even mind if Wordpress' gonna curse me or whatsoever for telling this. Try setting up a blog here and surely you will realize why I said this. Hmmm! I am no making story guys!

And noticed the title of my blog? Watcha think? The truth is it's not yet final....I mean Introversion: The Rebirth doesn't really sound good although it matches my personality. But if I still use my old blog title which is iBlog: The Musings of a Woozy Soul then I'm gonna end up what? Hmmm...probably someone who doesn't like change? Hmmm....sort of! but honestly I don't really put much attention on what's gonna be my blog title just for this very moment...just for this very moment indeed!

GDC Wave 58? I tell you this is one of the coolest group at Sitel Baguio. why? It's not because I belong to this wave, it's actually because of the different personalities each team member possesses, and I don't think I need to exlain this further. Only fools won't understand what I mean. (Thanks to Archie and Tina. @Archie: Thanks for being nice to me man. You really rock! @Tina:Thanks for being a good listener. About the 'stuff'? Well, it's our secret, huh?)

Ask me why I love Sitel, and I tell you that it's because I was assigned on the right account - financial account. At least I can safely tell my old buddies back in college and high school that my job is related to what I took up at UP Baguio which is Economics. So my sister's wrong when she said that I landed on the wrong job! Hmmm...someday she will realize that I didn't. Hmmmm.

By the way, I now know how to play billiards. Thanks to Frank. In this image: me about to hit the mother ball. Thanks Lee for taking the photo.


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