Notes From Sitel Site I Part I (Pantry, 21:35)

Three more hours to go before the shift. I feel quite unusual tonight but i don't understand why. Probably because I was overslept which is often the case or I was overfed with burger sandwich. Which of these two reasons had caused my being 'unusual' tonight don't really matter for now - I mean just for now - but I guess I need to figure out tomorrow morning which is the real culprit.
Burp! See? Still am full and I wish I won't suffer from know what I mean, don't you? And by the way, good thing Frank, my teammate, brought a native Ilokano delicacy. I haven't actually tasted this for quite a long time now. And sorry if I forgot the name of the food. Gotta figure out this later.

Okay, still am the first honor tonight. No, it is not what you think it is. First honor again because I'm the first to arrive again at the pantry - and next is Precious which is always the case. Precious by the way is my wavemate, and, hey, she's so damn pretty, I tell you!And of curse there's Jay and Tina too. These two guys arrive at the same time most of the time which is why I sometimes - just sometimes, huh, - wonder if these two oldies(sorry guys) reside in the same place.

And so I got a 100% from our QA. Hmmm, no big deal actually. Fact is i'm worried because what if I dn't make it next time...I mean what if I get a failing mark next time? So frustrating indeed. and kinda shameful too. But anyway I'll just try my best to make things work well for me and for the whole team as well. Hmmm...I just really wish I won't fail next time. Good luck to me!

And by the way, the images on this entry were taken from our 1st quarter GDC Summit at the UC Theater last April 11, 2010. More photos on my next entry! I swear!


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