Question and Answer Part II

Q: Why do you blog?
A: I blog because I can express what’s going on inside my head here without the fear of being censored. Here I can easily publicized or exposed anomalies without the fear that next day I’ll be in big trouble. Aside from this, blogging also allows me to further experiment with HTML and CSS codes.

Q: Who influenced you to blog?
A: Marocharim ( He’s also from UP Baguio. I was first a frequent visitor of his site before I set up my own blog.

Q: Did someone tell you to create your own blog?
A: Like I said before, no one told me to blog. I just found myself one writing some stuffs on I didn’t know that it was the start of my blogging career. Haha!

Q: What is/are the advantage/s of having a blog? And the disadvantage/s?
A: The good thing about having a blog is you get your own unlimited space on the web for free, and you can actually use this space to upload your photos, express your thoughts and opinions, etc. You can also put advertisement on your blog and earn from it (e.g. Google Adsense). The disadvantages: spam comments, porn links ans some stupid visitors.

Q: What are the worst comments you got from your readers and fellow bloggers?
A: ‘this blog sucks’, you own the worst blog on Earth’, your poems suck’, etc. But it’s fine for me. these comments, I’m sure, are for my own good. no hurt feelings…hehehe!

Q: And the best comments?
A: ‘you’re a poet and essayist with sense, ‘you’re quite a witty and sensible person’, ‘I like your poems’, ‘you have the ability to catch other people’s attention through your pieces, etc.

Q: Do you have multiple blog accounts?
A: Yes. Aside from my wordpress blog, I also have three accounts on I also have an account on Multiply.

Q: What do you think are the essential qualities each blogger should possess to maintain readership?
A: A blogger should be able to interact with his/her readers and as much as possible s/he should be able to respond to their queries and comments. A blogger also should be able to promote his/her blog to his/her friends, classmates, co-workers and the like. Networking is the key to maintain blog readership.

Q: Your message to your fellow bloggers out there?
A: Just keep on blogging. Rakenrol! ;p


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