The Ugly Bitch Part I

I used to call her Sweety when I was in college but now - now that I learned more about her true color and her addiction to Internet porn and sex - I call her The Ugly Bitch…

Yesterday, The Ugly Bitch was at the Porta Vaga Commercial Center. She was with a good-looking guy. She paused for a few seconds when she saw me approaching, then she smiled at me. I also smiled at her although I didn't intend to smile at her. After a while she asked me to join them. I signaled her I am running out of time. But she’s hard-headed (always). She asked me again to join them. I couldn’t resist her so I went to their place…

The Ugly Bitch and the guy were holding each others hands when I reached their place. She smiled at me again then she told me: “Hi, this is Paul, my new boy friend. Paul, this is Aris, my…my…” She wasn’t able to finish her sentence because her phone suddenly rang. She answered the call and I was totally ignored. I felt insulted. I felt “OPed” (out of 'placed'). Her boyfriend offered me his hand for a handshake. I gladly took it and we had a quick handshake. I told the guy: “Nice meeting you Paul, sorry but I have to leave the two of you now. I have an important business today. Just enjoy the moment. See yah next time.” The Ugly Bitch looked terrified when I left their place…

Later that day I got SMS from The Ugly Bitch. It was an apology: “Hey, sorry for what happened at Porta Vaga. I didn’t mean to ignore you. I didn’t expect my mom to call me. I’m really sorry..” After some minutes, another SMS appeared on my phone’s screen: “Are you mad? Why don’t you reply?” So I replied: “Don’t worry it’s okay. I’m not mad. So, are you happy now?” The Ugly Bitch replied quickly: “What do you mean happy now? I don’t get it.” And I replied again: “You really don’t get it? Oh…wow! How come? Btw, I got some mess to fix here. Bye for now…” (to be continued)


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