Diary Entries Part III

February 19, 2009: My crush smiled at me. I felt so good. Am I in love? Hehehe!

February 20, 2009: Me and my crush talked for a few minutes. Whew! So happy. Hehehe!

February 23, 2009: My crush is here again. Hehehe!

February 24, 2009: Oh shit, am I jealous? But I shouldn’t be jealous. We’re just friends. Hell!

February 25, 2009: I don’t want to fall in love. I need to control myself. It’s not good if I fall in love. Pero mahal ko na yata siya! What should I do. Kailangan ko ba talagang iwasan siya?

February 26, 2009: I feel strange. I think I’m in love! Why this feeling? I really have to control myself before something wrong happens.

February 27, 2009: Yow, my crush is here! Ngumiti siya sa akin! Hehehe! So happy.

February 27, 2009: (9:00 p.m) My crush is here and we talked for a few minutes. Whew! Ambaet niya talaga! Hehehe! Sana maulit muli!

March 02, 2009: Oh hell, what’s happening to me? I shouldn’t be jealous! We’re just friends and no more…

March 03, 2009: So happy today! I think I’m in love! Hehehe!

March 06, 2009: Quite tired but still fine. Spent some moment with my crush! Hehehe!

March 07, 2009: I don’t know why I feel something different inside. Whew! In love na yata ako sa kanya! Hehehe!

March 08, 2009: Went to Damortis today. Saw my crush also..hehehe!

March 09, 2009: Nakausap ko crush ko! Wehehehe! Ang sarap ng pakiramdam ko ngayon! Hehehe!

March 10, 2009: Saw my crush early in the morning today. Hehehe!

March 12, 2009: I know they’re gonna have sex today coz it’s Thursday. I’m jealous again! Hell!

March 13, 2009: Friday the thirteenth today. Spent some moment with my crush! Hehehe! This isn’t actually a bad and unlucky day for me! Hehehe!


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