Diary Entry: May 10, 2010 (18:45 Manila Time)

Here in my room right now, alone as usual and thinking why we have to be dispersed. I am not against the idea of dispersing Wave 58 but I just really couldn't believe that we were transitioned to different coaches - in my case, I was the only one from our Wave transitioned to Coach Joan Doctolero. We were informed about this dispersal stuff earlier, but it would have been a lot better if we all stay with Coach Rez. Coach Rez, so far, is a good Coach, and at least, we are now comfortable with him since we spent OCP with him for almost five weeks.

But, hey, I am not saying that I don't like my new coach. I met her last Sunday, and, honestly, she's nice and very approachable. I also learned recently from an 'older' agent that she's one of the best coaches in GDC. See? Still am lucky because I was transitioned to her.

But the thing is most of my new team mates are 'super-tenured' which is why sometimes I feel a little bit insecured. Imagine I'm from Wave 58 and I've got one team mate who is from Wave 9! How's that? Just imagine the diffrence when it comes to expreince in handling calls!

Okay, election is over, and while writing this, I have no exact idea who is topping the list - whether it's Noynoy, Gibo, Villar or Erap. But I'll read the news later and check out who is topping the partial unofficial tally of votes.

If Noynoy or Gibo wins this election, then no problem. Although I don't really favor Noynoy takin gplace of the Malacanang Palace because I personally believe that he is not yet ripe for the presidency, I see him as the best alternative to Gibo just in case he doesn't make it. But if Erap wins then I don't know. I mean I don't know what will happen to us. But one thing is only sure just in case Erap makes it: our country will be mocked by other countries because we reelected an ousted President who was found guilty of plunder. Haaay...I just really wish Erap won't make it on top again!

And by the way, what's going on with the congressional race in Saranggani? Oh hell, I learned that Pacquaio is topping the list. What a shame indeed. I am underestimating the People' Champ capability but politics isn't his field so I don't think -not even in my dreams and fantasies - that he's fit to be congressman. Better for him if he didn't run and focus in other stuffs instead, say business or sports. And it's a good thing also that Nanay Dionisia, the champ's mom, didn;t run this elections. But who know she might be running this coming October Elections to ALSO serve the Filipino people. Hmmm....lets find out!


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