Diary Entry: May 30, 2010 (Sunday, 12:06 PM)

I spoke with a Filipino customer a few hours ago but still I'm overjoyed up to this very moment. The feeling actually is like meeting your first love after years of 'separation' - you couldn't explain what you exactly feel but you know that you are happy and satisfied. And, hey, I did credit $11.90 to my customer's account as one-time courtesy because, unfortunately, he wasn't aware of the $5.95 monthly maintenance fee. So there.

Today is also one of my most memorable days at Sitel. My wave mate Lou accidentally got my escalation because someone from Manila transferred the call to WM support. Until now I wonder why it happened. I mean I dialed 4193 (escalation desk), then someone from Manila got the call (which is a very rare case) and then she told me that she will transfer me to the correct department but obviously she transferred me to the wrong department. What the heck?! Hehehe!

GDC is undeniably the hardest account in Sitel. Ask someone from this account, even the tenured ones, and this someone will tell you why. Hmmm!
Hey, as promised, I included in this entry some of the photos taken during our overnight at Itogon last May 18-19. I hope you guys enjoy the pics. Have nice day. I'm logging off now!


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