Images : GDC Wave 58 Overnight at Itogon Resort and Other Images

Okay, as promised in my previous entry here are some of the images I took during our overnight at Itogon Resort last May 18-19 (plus other pix). I hope you guys enjoy the pix.

Picture Perfect!! The place where we stayed is absolutely a cool place: on top on a mountain! Wow!

Hang me or hang me not! The hanging bridge. Of course, hanging bridges appeal to me so much which is why I took this pic.

Going Home! Hmmm! Surely I will miss this place. Bye for now but I wish we're gonna go here some day again! The bamboo bridge is waiting for me!

Meeting place. Meeting place is at Hotel Veniz. Included in this photo are Tina, Jay, Hannah and Archie. Lynett is also in the picture.

Friends forever? From left to right: Lou, Hannah and Lee. Photo taken before leaving the place.

Going home! Tina is on the far side. Picture perfect again because of the rays of the sun! Huh? Don't you think?

Stolen shot! Going home! Jay, why didn't you wait me? Huh? The bamboo bridge is so damn great!

Preparations before hitting the water! What are we doing here? Hmmm? Oh, I now remember. I was making the 'fire' when I took this pic .

Photo taken at 4:00am. There's always one good reason why life is beautiful. I's t because life is made beautiful despite all odds.

Wavemates! From left to right: Jay, Lou and Archie! Hmmm. Definitely these guys rocksss. Ohhh....did I say rocksss?
Friendships? From left to right: Hannah, Lou, Lee and pretty Precious. Photo taken after shift but still these guys looked great! Hmmm! Don't argue with me. huh?
Payday pose at SM. From left to right: Lou, Tina and Hannah! Next destination: some Double Dutch at Session Delights! Hahaha!


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