My Alphabetopedia (2010 Edition)

A – (Available) Oh yeah. I am very much available.
A – (Age) Twenty-something years young….hehehe!
A – (Addiction) Blogs, Site 2 and Spiels (hahaha…just kidding here)

B – (Blog's Title) Everything Top
B –(Birthday) August 08
B – (Blog’s URL)

C – (Color of shirt right now) blue
C – (Country) Pearl of Orient Seas
C – (Civil Status) Single and Looking

D – (Drinker) No
D – (Dream Girl) P.B.…she’s so damn pretty.
D – (Dream Car) Accent CDRi in maroon onyx

E – (Email Address)
E – (Eye Color) Black....but will be blue next payday
E – (E-group) Secret

F – (Favorite Chocolates) Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar and Jersey Milk Chocolate
F – (Favorite Number) Fifteen
F – (Favorite Books) The Republic(Plato),The Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens), Peter Pan (James M. Barrie), Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden),The Valachi Papers (Peter Maas), The Affluent Society (John Kenneth Galbraith), On Karl Marx (John Maxwell), Fetters on Tomorrow (Renato Constahntino), Bulag na Pagkadakila (Renato Constantino), Warm Bodies ( Donald M. Morris), By Love Possessed (James Gould Cozzens), A Friend in Power (Carlos M. Baker), The Book of Heathen ( Robert Edric), Duel With A Witch Doctor ( Jan de Hartog)

G -(Gago) Ako? Minsan lang!
G -(Greatest Fan Of) John Mayer, Lifehouse and The Calling
G -(Greatest Achievement in Life) The utmost realization that intelligence is useless if one person is not going to use it for the benefit and welfare of the people.

H – (Height) 5′6″
H – (Hobbies) reading, writing, blogging, eating, watching TV, watching movies, etc.
H – (Highest Grades) High School (98%), College (1.0)

I – (Interests) Blogs, Internet, Books, food, Movies, Games and a lot more.
I -(Invincible) Me? Invincible? I think so…waha!
I – (In love) I’m falling out of love. I guess…on....what the hell am I talking baout? I'm still in love!

J -(Joker) Sometimes
J – (Jabber) nope
J – (Jazzy) of course not…wahe!

K -(Kinky) Waha…
K -(Kind) Me? Kind? Yup
K -(Kooky) Admittedly, I’m kooky sometimes but I think it’s just normal to all human beings.

L – (Latest news) I’m falling out of love.
L – (Lucky Year) 2004
L – (Lucky Month) August

M – (Moody) I’m not! Waha….
M – (Movies) My favorite movies are:The Covenant, Alfie,The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Ice Age, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Exorcist: The Beginning, Collateral, Mission Impossible I,II and III, Kill Bill I and II, When Will I Be Loved, Peter Pan, Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag,Osama,Sade.
M – (Motto) every great action is extreme!

N – (Nom de plume) Arquido
N – (Newspaper) Philippine Daily Inquirer
N – (Nike) I like Nike shoes!

O -(Obstinate) Of course not!
O -(OA) Yeah…sometimes!
O -(Ordinary) I’m an ordinary guy with ordinary goals in my life.

P – (Porn Addict) Of course not….waha!
P – (Poems) I love writing poems when I’m too depressed and sad.
P – (Principle in Life) Be happy for what you are!

Q -(Quantum) One of my favorite destinations at SM Baguio.
Q -(Quirky) I love reading quirky stuffs.
Q -(Quick-witted) of course…waha!

R – (Readings) Missing…..
R – (RR) My nickname.
R – (Religion) Roman Catholic

S – (Student Number) 2003-32377
S – (School) University of the Philippines – Baguio
S – (Smoker) No

T – (Two-timer) No
T – (Toothpaste) Complete Blanchissant
T – (The Republic) One of the best books I’ve ever read.

U -(Unforgetable Date) August 12, 2004
U -(Unforgetable Event) The night before New Year
U -(Underwear’s Brand) Carter..waha!

V – (Vegetarian) I’m not. I eat anything.
V – (Video Scandal) None, of course! Hahaha…in the making! Just kidding, man!
V – (Vision) With eyeglasses. I do wear contact lenses sometimes

W – (Wonderpark) One of my favorite amusement centers here in Baguio. It’s located at the fourth floor of Baguio Center Mall.
W – (Website)
W – (War) I believe that in every war no single entity can be rightfully declared as victorious. War is a big shit!

X – (XXX) Ooopppsss…never mind! Redtube....hahaha!
X – (Xray result) Excellent
X – (X-Men) I don’t like it much!

Y – (Yahoo_ID) arisonlinenow
Y – (Yummy) Me? Yummy? I think so…wahe!
Y – (You and Me) One of the songs of Lifehouse that made me entirely crazy.

Z – (Zany) Don’t you know that I’m too zany sometimes?
Z – (Zip Code) 2600.
Z – (Zodiac Sign) Leo


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