Things I Must Do Before I Die Part III

1. Just continue blogging…

2. Try mending my broken heart and open it to someone who will love me and who will never ever dare to leave me in times of pains, sorrows, frustrations and difficulties.

3. Finish reading The Century of the Surgeon by Jurgen Thorwald. That book has been sleeping on my table for almost two years now. Hahahaha…

4. Just go on with my life in spite of the challenges, frustrations and agonies. Life is so beautiful so I don’t have any reason to quit. I love life…

5. Dispose my idea of becoming a lawyer someday. I have to accept my fate: No more UP College of Law. Or probably some other time!

6. Consult a psychiatrist! Why? Because I’ve been talking to myself in front of that morror. Hahaha! But I know of course that I’m not insane. I’m just probably on my way to temporary insanity.

7. What else? Spend Christmas 2010 in Bicol? Hmmm….I’ll think about this later!

8 Just think about wonderful things. No more sad memories…no more sad songs…no more 'senti' moments! But wait…what the hell am I talking about? Can I really forget those memories? I guess I can never free myself from the shackles of yesteryears!

9. Revenge! (Hmmm....)

10. Quit hallucinating and face the truth that I can never change reality.

11. Stop acting like a boy! Hahahaha! I need to take some things seriously…

12. Dispose these three annoying habits: calling someone ‘adik’, crossing my hand on a promise and pushing myself to something/someone that’s not meant for me!


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