Diary Entry: June 18, 2010 (21:02 Manila Time)

It's all set and final: I will take my vacation leave first week of September - no more doubts, no more second thoughts. It's been a long time now since I last wen home in Bicol so I really deserve a VL.Also, I miss Bicol so much - the sinapot, linumpan na gaway na may bangot na oga na bulinao o kaya tianapa, linumpan na langka na may bangot na kasag and a lot more. Whew, I just really wish Bicol is only a few minutes ride from Baguio so I won't suffer this much- I mean...so I won't suffer this much from missing all these 'yummies'. And first thing I'll buy once I get there? Mapasu-paso na sinapot, of course! Wow, so yummy indeed!

Suddenly, I started missing Amitists Batch 2003 of GNHS. It's been a long, long time now -precisely seven years - since we parted ways, and, honestly, I miss them so much and I wanna be with them again! And the last thing I heard is they're planning to have rock climbing or is it mountain climbing? Wow, what an adventure! Ali even invited me to join them but I refused because for sure my work schedule won't allow me to join them. By the way, below is a pic of my high school classmates taken a few years back in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Food for the brain: Google is the search engine giant and it indexes hundreds of thousands of webpages. Matt Cutts, a Google Engineer and Webspam team head discusses that what happens when a user hits the search button with certain query. How Google Works on different search requests? Here is the video demo of a Google Search operation.

An old fellow asked me a while ago: ' So, when are you getting married? time is running do fast and you won't notice it until you're fifty-plus. So tell me what's the plan'. And I replied: 'I got no plans yet. Still am young, and I've got a lot of things to fix - small ones and big ones - and I worry more about these stuffs than getting married. Marriage, I tell you, is a serious matter, and I don't yet take matters seriously save my job!'


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