Noynoy Aquino, Mang Inasal Invasion and Other Matters

I woke up at 4:04 am today, and the first thing that hit my head is to blog about Noynoy and why I think we Filipinos are lucky to have him as new chief executive of our country (although I admit that I'm pro-Gibo - but hey pro-Gibo doesn't necessarily mean that I'm also pro-administration - ans way back May Elections I wished for Gibo's victory and not of Noynoy's). Noynoy is evidently from a family of politician's - precisely from a family of respected politicians (of course I don't include his sister Kris and his other sister when I say family of respected politicians). His dad former Senator Ninoy Aquino who was assassinated at the tarmac of Manila International Airport during Marcos dictatorship is a replica of Philippine democracy and how democracy works in time when democracy itself doesn't seem to work and exist. Even his mother late president Cory Aquino was featured in Time Magazine's Asian Heroes a few years back for restoring peace and democracy in our country and for setting us free from the clutches of 20-year dictatrship of late president Ferdinand Marcos. Simply put, it is a great honor to have Noynoy as new chief executive of our country. He is hope for majority of us Filipinos.
Time-out! Yours truly at Baguio City Center Mall Amusement Park having some fun!

SM City Baguio- Mang Inasal Invasion (06/29/2010). Honestly, I rarely eat at Mang Inasal for some confidential reasons which I rather not mention here on my blog. The last time I ate there was way back January 2010 with John Michael and Amanda and nothing followed except of course yesterday with my wave mates Tina, Jay, Lou, Hannah, Lee, Lynett, Precious and Linda (although Lynett and Linda 'distanced' themselves from us for whatever reasons I know not of).Here are some of the pix taken there:
From left to right: Tina, Precious, Lee, Hanna and Lou.
Supers Twins: Hannah and Lee.Jay and HannahYummy: Lou, Tina and Jay.

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Other Images. The following image are taken at Sitel Site 2:

This is it for today. I hope you take care guys always. I'm logging off. Bye for now!


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