On ' Back Fighters', GDC Top Escalators and Other Matters

It's quite dismaying that those people whom you think are your true friends are the same people who will make you 'down' - at least when you're not around. Back in high school, a fellow called these type of people 'backfighters'. 'Backfighters', he said, because these people are good when you're with them but suddenly become your mortal enemy once you're out of sight. So back fighters. At least, he's got the whole point. But back fighters and backbiters, whether you like it or not, are all the same, and I know a lot of them at my workplace. Holy crap!

Okay, I'm one of GDC's top escalators for the second week of June. To be precise, I was ranked fourth (this is according to my wave mate Algin). But, honestly, I wasn't affected at all. I wasn't even dismayed or whatsoever when my wave mates informed me that my name was on the big screen. There's no reason for me to be affected because I know my capacity as well as my performance level. I'm not trying to brag but I know where I belong and I know that I perform a lot better than some of those who were not included on the list. Also, it's stupidity in my part if I lament or if I feel frustrated and dismayed just because my name is on the list. No way!

Honestly, my life went totally different when I started my career at Sitel. Before, I was always updated with the latest buzz in town but now it's the exact opposite. The truth is, up to this moment, I still don't know who are our newly elected senators. What I only know is Noynoy made it to presidency. Imagine? It's been a month now since election took place but still I don't know who are these newly elected senators! OMG, is this really me? But, hey, I'm not complaning. I just couldn't believe that the 'old me' is now slowly vanishing because of my current job.

Small world indeed. The longer I stay at Sitel the more I see familiar faces from UP. First was my blockmate Jerome, who is a coach now, and then the Econ lady (I forgot her name) who is currently based in Hawaiin Airlines. And then next was 'the guys in black' (if I'm not mistaken he is a member of Beta Sigma- UP Baguio Chapter, then Andrea (I met her at Site 2- Fishtank), Andrea M. and then G.E. who happened to be one of my latest crushes. Great! Hahaha!

This is it for today. I hope you guys will take care always and don't forget to check out my next entry. I'm logging off. Bye for now!


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