To M.A.B. My Latest Crush @ Sitel Baguio-Site 1

Oh hell, what have you done to me? This is weird and this shouldn't happen at all. Do I really like you or I'm just fascinated by your 'sweet' smile - the you way smile and the way you laugh? And why can't I concentrate every time I see you around - there at the pantry or at your station? But , honestly I'm overjoyed every time I see you smiling. OH hell...hehehe! Here's a song dedicated to you - a song called Fireflies performed by Owl City. And why this song? Simple: because I see fireflies if I see you smiling. The hell...hehehe! Adek na ba ako? (And by the way, I sat beside my other crush inside a jeepney yesterday.! Watafeeling!)



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