What I Miss in Bicol Now Part I

1. My mama, my papa, my sister Daisy (my other sister Grace is currently in Taytay, Rizal taking BSBA major in Information Management), my cousins Jay Van, John Vincent and Julius. The more I think of them the more often I wish I'm in Bicol now! (Photos below: at Toppings and Treats - Session Road)

2. Linumpan na gaway na may bangot na oga na bulinaw o kaya tianapa! Hmmm... so yummy!Wow, the last time I ate this was some months ago in Sison, Pangasinan an dit never happened again. But wait, I tried it at Toppings and Treats a few days ago but it was no comparable with the way my mama cooks it.

3. linumpan na langka na may bangot na kasag. Wow! Especially if jack fruit is freshly picked and the kasag is also fresh from the sea. Wow! Perfect combination indeed! (Photo below: breakfast at Toppings and Treats - Session Road)

4. silot (buko). The last time I ate freshly picked buko was two years ago and I now long for it so much. I tried buying one at the city public market but it was no a buko but a lukaron. See? I just wasted my money because of that.

5. the sea! I miss Rizal Beach Resort and Dangkalan Beach Resort in Gubat, Sorsogon. Here in Baguio City, we don't have beaches which is why I long to see beaches again. But if you're thinking of bitches, then we have a lot of them here! Lol! (Photo below: still at Topping and Treats - Session Road)

6. seashells! Oh, damn, I miss eating dalu-dalo, kasag, tuwad-tuwad buskay and, oh, I'm so sorry I forgot the names of those other seashells but I/m sure I still know how they look like, and I still clearly remember where these stuffs are sold - beside Villaroya store. Hehehe! Hirani sa himuan sin sinapot!

7. sinapot na mapasu-paso pa! Hmmm...so yummy. I just really wonder why it isn't sold here in Baguio. I tried looking for one back then but I couldn't find one! Hmmm..what about cooking sinapot later? Perfect idea! (Photo below: some cookies and cream at Toppings and Treats - Session Road)

8. pinakru na kamoteng-kahoy o kaya saging! Wow! So yummy again! Nagugutom na lugod ako ulit. Perfect for merienda!
9. hinagum! Perfect for outing! When I was just a kid, my grandfather always makes hinagum especially after rice harvest. Now, I totally miss how it smells, and it's being naturally delicious - it's unexplainable 'yummyness'.


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