Diary Entry: July 14, 2010 (18:00 Manila Time)

Whew, got a brand new watch - a pasalubong from Ate Mariciel. She's fresh from Japan and she's here in the Philippines for a four-week vacation. Real thanks Ate Nariciel. Next time bring me to Japan and not bring me 'something' here in the Philippines. Hehehe! I'm just kidding!

Lol! Got this funny feeling I don't pretty understand. Is this love in the making?> Or is this just 'madness'? Haha!. I really don't know. But honestly, I feel so damn good because of 'this'. Am I in love? Hahaha! I guess I need to consult Cupid about this matter! Or perhaps I just need some shots of Vodka or maybe a little 'smacking' or 'smashing' on my face. Or probably a nap? Oh hell, but there's no stopping now. I'm in 'here' so I guess I have no option but to cherish what I feel right now and be thankful enough that I finally find the one. I don't care what will happen next - whether it will be a happy ending or not. For now what matters a lot is I'm happy - so freakin' happy. We can't buy happiness anyway. Also: we can close our eyes from the things we don't want to see but we can never close our heart from the things we don't want to feel. So fall in love and be happy. Sounds real corny? Hmmm.. I don't care!

By the way, her's a song called Accidentally In Love performed by the Counting Crows:

This is it for today guys. I hope you take care always. I'm logging off now. please don't forget to check my next entry!


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