Diary Entry: July 31, 2010 (8:41AM Manila Time)

Sometimes 'the unexpected' really happens, and I think I should be thankful enough because of this - especially since 'the unexpected' is about me transferring a call to my crush in the Lost and Stolen Department/Loss Management Department. And guess what? I did it twice: the first issue was the card holder wants to report his card as compromised while the second issue was Awaiting Manager Callback. Lol. Just imagine the joy I felt that day. Whoahhh! (And by the way, I really wished for it, and I was so damn happy because it came true!)

I checked my Google Adsense account a few minutes back, and I was a bit surprised when I found out that I earned $1.74 (roughly Php80.00) yesterday. But this is small compared with some blogger who earn around $5-$10 in one day from their Adsense account. Kindly view image below (image taken from my Google Adsense acccount):

So, I'll be 24 this coming August 08. The feeling? Well, I hate it, and the reason why I hate it is because it means that I have to think real damn old and mature. 24 also means that I'm only a few years from being called 'the old guy'. Watahell, I really wish I'm in Neverland with Peter Pan and the Little Lost Boys. I so freakin' hate growing old. I swear!

Well, we have a new Coach (Ray Allen Suba), and what can I say about him? Well, I like the 'seriousness' he puts in his job or position and his being 'too kind.' (And by the way, Sitel has implemented Online Payslip and I so freakin' love it. Here's the link to Sitel Online Payslip: https://online.cpi-outsourcing.com/sitel/)

This is it for today guys. Please don't forget to check my next entry. You guys take care always. I'm logging-off now. To M.A.B.: Oh hell, I thank God I met you. Thanks for the joy you bring in my life. Take care always!


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