10 Wishes on my 24th Birthday

Okay, I won't deny that I'll be a year older on August 08th! I'll be 24 to be precise, and, to be honest, I so freakin' hate this. I hate the fact that I'll be 25 next year and I also hate the fact that I'll be 30 a few years from now! But, anyway, I still thank God because I've reached this far!Here are my wishes (just in case you want to know what's going on inside my head):

Wish # 1: seriously: career development at Sitel (this includes future promotions, benefits as well as social and personal growth). Wahaha...look who's talking! (

Wish # 2: hot sex! Oh hell...everyone deserves yummy sex, don't you thnik? Well, I belive that if one has a tough job then he also needs a yummy sex!

Wish # 3: a vacation leave in Bicol! Wahooo...a few more weeks and I'll have a VL na! I so freakin' miss almost everyone there! And my cousins Jay Van, John Vincent and Julius!

Wish # 4. kids...kids...kids....kids! Oh the hell...what am I talking about? Not this time! Still have a long, long way to go!

Wish # 5. a healthy mind! Wish # 6. a healthy body Wish # 7: a brand new Nike shoes (I saw one at the Tiongsan Department Store and it was so freakin' cool. And the prices is cool as well!

Wish # 8: an end to violence and exploitation of women and children, slavery, discrimination as well as poverty in the world.

Wish # 9: world peace

Wish # 10: to see my crush every shift! Lol. But I think we have different schedules now. But still I'll find a way. Lol. Love find ways, don't you think? And my crush by the way is M.A.B.

This is it for today guys. I hope you guys take care always! I'm logging off now!


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