Diary Entry: August 09, 2010 (7:53 AM Manila Time)

Shoot! Still I can't believe that I'm 24 now but still single and available (I broke up with my sweetie October 21st of last year. Honestly, it was an 'unofficial broke-up'. We just didn't talk with each other a day after we spent the night together and we split.), pretty bored with what I have right now and 'sexless' for almost two months now! Shoot! This isn't what I want but I guess I have no choice. I have no choice but to face that fact that I still have a boring life even at 24.

From Dave and Michelle: A yummy birthday cake!Thanks for the effort and time guys!

Hey, a million thanks to those people who greeted me yesterday. Thanks, thanks, thanks guys! You made me so freakin' feel good. thanks for the 'happy birthdays', 'best wishes', 'god blesses', and 'good lucks'. And, of course, special thanks to Dave and Michelle for the birthday cake (and also for the yummy Valrhona Cake you gave me a day before my birthday). thanks for the effort and time guys. I so freakin' love it!

Honestly, I'm now addicted to Lee DeWyze songs. Here's his Beautiful Day. Watch and enjoy guys!

@M.A.B.: Still I didn't see you the other day. I so freakin' miss you! What happened? I wish to see you tonight and watch you smile! Lol! You take care always!


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