First Blog Post of the Month

It's a Sunday, and since I'm not 'occupied' (when I say 'occupied' it means that I don't have enough literary power to write what I want to write) I decided to blog about things that I so freakin' miss in Bicol. Here they are (this actually is a continuation of my previous post called 'What I Miss in Bicol'):

1. Pili. Oooppsss...namiss ko na talaga magkaon sin dulce na pili o kaya linanta na pili. Mayadon liwat magtukdol pili didto sa amo kay pwede magsakat sa bubong. Oi...linanta na pili na may kuyog. Wow...perfect combination! What do you think?

2. Urok! Oruk! Orok! Uruk! Well, how do you spell the word doesn't really matter. Hey, I so freakin' miss this place. But, I heard that there are a lot of improvements in the place since I left Bicol. And what about Busai Falls? We went there some years back, and now I really wonder if the place is still the same. But, hey, it's so freakin beautiful and 'mysterious' there! And why did I say 'mysterious'? Well, you go and visit the place and you'll discover why. If I'm not mistaken, the place is a 30-minute walk from Orok!

3. Flying Kites. Oh hell, I so freakin' miss doing this again! but, sure I will once I get thre in Bicol. My cousins are waiting for me...hehehe! (See one of the reasons why I hate growing old?)

4. Balig-ang, santol, hagis, tambis, kakaw - you name it! I'm wondering kun tagbungahan na sin santol sa Bicol kay pan-o may santol sa likod san balay namo. Haaayy...malin kairam magsakat kaso lang kahadok kun mahulog ako! Wahaha!

5. Visit my lolo's farm and try fishing there! Wow...I so freakin' miss this as well.

6. Magtambay kara Yaya Daday, magsakat bayawas sa pungko nan magkitay-kitay (lol!), magtambay sa bang house nira Yaya Liezel o kaya magbabad magkarigos sa burabod! Wow...perfect!

7. freshly picked bukos! Hell, I really want to go home! Malin kasiram magtukdol silot didto sa pungko! Haaayy...but, anyway, still i need not worry because I'll have my vacation leave soon! Wahehehe!

This is it for today guys. You take care always and please don't forget to check my next entry. I'm logging-off now!


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