From My Poems

Following are lines taken from my poems (Honestly, I'm not a poet but I love writing poems - poems about love, frustrations and anything that interests me. I hope you guys enjoy these stuffs.)

From The Night Has Two Eyes written on March 06, 2007:

The night is beautiful
and it has two sparkling eyes
staring at the face
of darkness,
like two diamonds
under the sun!

From For Rus: The Blogger written on March 16, 2007:

My poems are red – red as your heart,
Written on the pages of yesteryears
And waves of ugly memories!

From Red Shadows written on June 26, 2007:

There are shadows in your eyes -
Red, tramping shadows like rivulets of blood,
Squirting from my aching and wounded heart!

From Cravings written on November 05, 2008:

I want to find myself in heaven,
and kiss the moon,
and chase the stars,
and embrace the clouds
with my pale aching hands!

I want to dream of dreams,
of lonely streams
of sullen songs,
of kissing gongs,
of unwritten poems,
of golden stones,
of blackred roses,
of white doves,
of dingy gloves,
of juicy rumors
And decide not to dream anymore!

From "FKE" written on February 26, 2009:

What is in you that makes my heart say ‘I still love you?’
(I wonder if it’s your quaint smile that took away the sanity in me
like a sunset,
like a raindrop,
like a full moon,
like a river,
like a burning fire,
like a falling star,
like a love song!)

From Tula ng Pag-ibig (Unang Bahagi) written on January 20, 2010:

At ang Buwan ay biglang sumulpot mula sa pinagtataguang Ulap!
At kanyang minalas ang nakahimlay na Daigdig:
ang Karimlan,
ang Luha,
ang Unos,
ang Pighati,
ang Pait,
ang Kirot,
At ang mga Matang animo’y perlas sa kanyang paningin!

From Full Moon written on August 25, 2008:

I like the way
the stars smile at me.
It soothes me,
and it reminds me of the old days..

From Habang Atin ang Gabi (An Unfinished Poem) written on November 2, 2008:

Habang atin ang gabi
At ang piping buwan lamang ang tanging saksi
Sa tamis ng ating pagkakasala.
Ikaw at ako – tayo ay ganap na malaya
Tulad ng mga alitaptap sa dilim!

From The Rain written on July 13, 2006:

My tears streamed in and flooded my face like the rain
that vanquished the rivers, the lakes, the seas and the mountains.
The rain and my tears – they are alike!


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