A List: Part II

Here's a list of some things/events that bother me right now (I'm not really bothered. I just can't figure out the proper term because of my headache.)

1. My vacation leave. I file a three-day vacation leave but still I worry if it will be approved. My Coach sent an email a few days back and I really wish it's not yet too late! But just in case it's not approved, I'll just have it first week of October which I think is perfect because it will be my second cousin's wedding, and m mom recently informed be that I'll be the best man! Shoot!

2. Kids! Kids! Kids! Oh hell, what am I talking about? Do I really need these. Yeah, I know I do but not now - not today! It' too early side from the fat that still am perfectly unstable - emotionally and financially.

3. UP Baguio. I miss my old school! I miss the UP Baguio Main Library, Institute of Management Plaza, IB Lobby and, of course, Oble!

4. My crush! six consecutive days and still I'm overjoyed until now! Am I in love? Is this love-in-the-making? I really don't know!

5. Say by John Mayer. I miss listening to this song! Here it is (special thanks to Youtube):

6. This message from Madonna, my wave mate: "How I wish falling in love has traffic lights too so that I would know if I should go for it, slow down or just stop to avoid hear accidents!" Well, me too!

7. Love. Sometimes I wonder why love sometimes hurts and kills us.

8. Blohopping. I noticed that I rarely bloghop nowadays! But sure I will if I have enough time!

9. The rain and why it makes me sad. I mean... I know why it makes me sad. What puzzles me is if rain falls in love or not! I don't know!

10. Lee DeWyze of American Idol 2010. Well. I so freakin' love his songs and his 'rock voice'. I love his songs!

11. My dream last August 25th. I forgot what my dream is all about but I know I dreamed.

12. This message from Lynette, my wave mate: "I'ts better to enjoy committing mistakes and learn rather than playing safe and learned nothing at all!" Thanks for the message Lynette. I love it!


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