Rainy Days and Tuesdays

I hate rainy days. Rainy days always remind me of the past - of those old days when I was terribly down and hurt! Rainy days remind me of love - but not of love that soothes the heart but of love that breaks the heart. Rainy days remind me of my sweetie and how we parted ways, and how it feels like to be alone and be hurt - to be hurt like someone plunged a knife a million times in my chest!

I hate rainy days. Rainy days remind me of failure and of frustration, of broken promises and unfulfilled dreams, of unbearable pain and of sadness and death - death of love and of affection. Rainy days remind me of life - of 'damned' life!

I hate rainy days! Rainy days remind me of you - and you're gone!

But Tuesdays are good! Tuesdays make me smile and appreciate life, love and existence. Tuesdays are perfect as long as I see my new crush! So there!


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