Reunited: E-Team (Wave 58) at Good Taste

Who says Friday the 13th is a not-so-lucky-day? Well, certainly not for us E-Teamers - especially since it's payday and we had our mini-reunion at Good Taste. Actually, it's a triple celebration: me an Lynett celebrating our birthday, and, of course, E-Team's 'reunification' after our dispersal almost two months ago just after OCP.( And hey we've also got Harriet, our wave mate who now works with At&t.)Present in the said reunion are Lynette (who celebrated her birthday 11th of this month), Lou, Algin , Jay (unfortunately Tina wasn't able to join us because of her schedule), Lee, Precious, Kris (I recently learned that she resigned and will work soon in Jedda), Madonna, Ate Lyn (it's good that she joined us), Harriet and Linda. Here are some of the pics taken there! More pix next time! I swear!

Say cheese! From left to right (back): Lynette, Kris , Yours Truly and Harriet; (front): Precious, Lee and Lou!

'Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who's the fairest of them all?' Left to right: Algin, Lee, Lou, Precious, Kris, Me and Lynette!

Perfectly E-Team: Me, Kris Precious, Lee and Lou

Done with the food and time to say 'cheese': Me, Kris and pretty Precious!

Buddies! Lou and Jay enjoying the good taste of Good Taste's Beef Ampalaya, Buttered Chicken ans more!!

Perfect pose after eating: pretty Precious, Lee and Lou! Next we each each other guys!

Done and having some fun: Algin , Harriet, birthday girl Lynette, Madonna (aka M), Ate Lyn and Mami Lindaaa!

This is it for today guys! I'm logging off. You take care always. By the way, I saw my crush today which is why I so freakin' feel good! Wahehehe! God Bless everyone!


  1. bakit nay!!! ala nmn aketch ditech??!!!

  2. I think you went down when we had our reunion.=)


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