Conversation With Lee and Other Matters

Honestly, Lee and I were not close way back training days and as far as I know we rarely converse with each other during those days unlike now that we are in the productions. Yes, we often chat with each other nowadays especially if its availing and provided that she stays in our bay, and with her I learned a lot - both good and not-so-really-good! I learned from her things I never learned in my 24 years of existence and I will be forever grateful to her because of this. ( Thanks Lee. Thanks for being a friend. Lee is second from right if you check image below.)

Crush! Crush! Crush! My heart crashes every time I see my crush. Lol But the feeling is good, I tell you! I can hardly breath and talk but I feel great! It's like heaven. Wosh! And Im sure that you will feel the same if you see your crush for six or seven consecutive days...I mean night! What a feeling!

96.7 Klite Baguio City has a new website. Kindly visit, Here's a preview of the site:

Food for the brain: Facebook has started rolling out Facebook Places thru which you can Check In to your favorite restaurant, Mall, cinema Hall etc. and may find your friends over there as well. Facebook Places is an application like FourSquare thru which you can shout about your current location and let your friends know about that. In case any of your friend is there at same location, they may contact you and then you both can share a light moment together. Thru Facebook Places, you can tag both of you and shout about your meet up. (from

This is it for today guys! I don't really have much here in my head right now! All I need to do is sleep! You take care everyone. And don't forget to check my next entry!


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