Cruven Baguio: Your Alternative to Your Safety

'Suspension joints' is the most important part of a vehicle in terms of safely, yet it is most often neglected. Imagine what could happen if you're traveling at 50 KPH and you experience a joint ball out or a tie rod and rack end that separates. It could spell a disaster!

'Suspensions' is the system of springs, shocks and joint linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It keeps the wheel in contact with the road surface for good dynamic control and alignment for lesser tire wear!

Restore the smooth quiet ride of your car at an affordable price at Cruven Baguio. It has a patented technology to rebuild your suspension joints. Cruven is located at # 379 Nagullian Road, Lower San Carlos Heights, Baguio City. For more information you may contact 0922-839-4574/0922-884-3314/0916-657-9385.

Cruven Baguio - your choice, your alternative to your family's safety!!!


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