Diary Entry: September 13, 2010 (16:35 Manila Time)

I went out with my team mates at Good Taste two days ago - the first time since I was transitioned to the floor four months ago and also the first time since I joined the team. It was good and fun but honestly I didn't enjoy much sine I'm not fond of eating at Good Taste (save for Beef Amplaya and Buttered Chicken) aside from the fact that ******(strictly confidential). Present in the team building: Coach Allen, Jackie, Regent, Christian, Venus, Celine, Annie, Joe, Priscilla, Joemanny, Coach Lovell, Seina, Norriza, Jedda, Nef and yours truly.

(Perfect treat on payday: braised beef at Chowking!)

I don't know if this is good news or bad news: I passed the certification for Greendot activation last Thursday so starting probably later today I'll be activating Visas and Mastercards. Actually, I was expecting to receive activations last Friday but unfortunately I didn't receive one! But I really wish I'll start activating later today. I'm excited! Well, good luck to me!

Unfortunately my vacation leave wasn't approved but like I said in my previous entries it's fine and I don't card. I'll just have my vacation next year, probably mid-March or April! Why? Simple: because my sister will be graduating on April! Well, good luck to me!

@ M.A.B.:I think I'm in love with you! I can hardly breath and I'm speechless every time you're near and I can't explain the happiness I feel inside every time I see your sweet smile! You are the only shining star in the night sky! Lol! You take care always and thanks for being part of my life! God bless!

Next event: Pizza party with my wave mates. Tentative date: September 14, 2010. wishing everyone's gonna be there!

This is it for today guys! I need to take some rest for tonight's shift! Have a wonderful day everyone!


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