If My Blog is a Wishing Well

Last night, my sister texted me and she mentioned that there's a wishing well now in Manaog Church in Pangasinan unlike before. When we visited the place a few years back , there's no wishing well yet so I ended up wishing at the altar. And the feeling? I felt like I'm watched by everyone! Insecured! Lol! Anyway, thumbs up for that someone who thought of setting up a wishing well in Manaog Church. It's a perfect idea!

But if my blog is a wishing well, I'll certainly wish for the following:

1. one-night stand with ******** (strictly confidential). And I love to do it in the kitchen. WTF. Lol! Just for a change. Honestly, I couldn't think of a 'nicer' place other than kitchen. Bathroom? Not really! We might fall or slide! Lol!

2. a brand new CR-V, Honda Jazz, Adventure, Honda, or any car will actually do - as long as I have a car.

3. trip to Sagada, Mountain Province. Wow! Perfect wish! A friend of mine way back in high school informed me that he's planning to visit the place this coming October so I'm planning to join him ans his friends! Good planning, huh? Don't you think?

4. a brand new Acer LT3000 - for blogging purposes only. Oh hold on....I should have said blogging and social networking purposes. What about....hhmmmm.Never mind!

5. Meet John Mayer and Lee DeWyze! Hmmm..perfect idea! I want to see these two guys rockin' together as much as possible.

6. to see my crush every shift. I really wish we won't have conflicting schedules! @ M.A. B. : Thanks for the joy you brought in my life. You're the only shining star in the night sky. You take care always!

More of these wishes in my next entry. I'm logging off now. You guys take care always and don't forget to check my next entry! Have a nice day everyone. And also kindly watch out for my domain name. It will be working soon!


  1. hehehe... nice one... and your top list is really a one night stand in the kitchen... LOL :)

  2. Hehehe! Just for a change! Who are you? I do dare you to put your name if you comment on my blog again! Lol!


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