Things I Must Do Before I Die Part IV

1. Save money and start my own business. To have my own convenience store is enough for me. I've always wanted to have my own business!

2. Purchase my own domain name. GoDaddy is a good host but I can't afford to pay $10.88 or $12.00 annually right now! I need more time before I purchase. I have in mind ''. What do you think?

Samsung F480 - the Touchwiz phone! I love to have this kind of phone!

3. Learn more about SEO to increase my daily page views and increase my Google Adsense earnings. How I wish I have enough time to do this.

4. Facebook!!!. Oh..I need to clean my facebook. When I see clean I mean that I have to delete some unnecessary friends. Unneccessary friends are those friends whom I don't really know!

5. Photo shoot at UPBaguio. Perfect spots: Oblation Grounds, IM Plaza, Abortion Stairs, IB Lobby, CSS Complex, CS Complex, CAC Complex, Main Library, Ponds and more!

6. Explore Baguio. I've been staying here in Baguio for several years now but did you know that I haven't explored the entire City yet? Imagine!!!!

7. Keep blogging. Blogging is and will always be part of me. No quitting, lol! By the way, I started blogging second quarter of 2004. Just in case you want to know! Hehehe!

8. Kids! Kids! Kids! Kids! Oh...perfect! How about two cute kids - a girl and a boy. Hmmm...everyone's fantasy for sure!

9. Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! Please don't revile me for what I said! (I wish Lynette is not reading this or else!

10. A brand new Samsung F480 - the touchwiz phone. A perfect phone for a perfectly...hmmm...I really don't know the proper term. But I like to have the phone...honestly!

11. Finish reading Tom Clancy's Every Man: A Tiger. I bought it a year and two months ago but unfortunately I haven't finished reading it.Too busy! Shoot!

One of the must-see places in Sagada - the Sagada Hanging Coffins! Perfectly amazing!

12. Visit Sagada, Mountain Province if there's enough time! Revisit: Spanish Village and some places in Ilocos.

13. What about rock climbing or perhaps mountain climbing? Hmmm..perfect idea! Anyone out there who wants to join me?

This is is for today guys! I need to prepare for tonight's shift! Happy a blessed afternoon everyone. Or should I say 'a blessed morning'? Check out my next entry!


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