Breakfast at Red Orange and Other Matters

We had our breakfast today at Red Orange. I tried Beef Yakiniku, beef belly in sweet oriental sauce served with rice, fried egg and brewed coffee and, honesty speaking, it tasted real good. Matter of fact, Red Orange's Beef Yakiniku is far better than Yakinikus I've tasted before. And if you're looking for a perfect place with excellent customer service, Red Orange is absolutely the perfect spot for you, and you know what I mean, don't you? Red Orange is located at Session Road corner Assumption Road, Baguio City. Try the place now and I guarantee you won't regret it!
Red Orange is located at Assumption Road, Baguio City
Beef Yakiniku, beef belly in sweet oriental sauce

Yours truly and my workmate Norizza Quizorra

Inside Red Orange: cool and great
Shelly Torres: my work mate. Isn't she pretty?
I bought two books by famous Victorian novelist Charles Darwin today: Great Expectations and A Tale of Two cities. I'm hoping I'll finish reading thee books by next week!


  1. hey nice pictures you have not invited me, huh? you owe me one :)

  2. Hehehe!Thanks.Nef is actually inviting us again to check the place on payday.Everyone misses you,hehehe.


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