Diary Entry: October 28, 2010 (19:31 Manila Time)

 Happy monthsary to my website http://www.arisonlinenow.net/. Need domain? Buy now at Philwebservices Global Solutions Inc at a very affordable price.

I called Mitch several times today but to no avail. I know that she's mad at me for two apparent reasons. First, I did not fetch her last Monday which, to tell you honestly, I intentionally did just to be fair with her because she lied to me. Second, I accidentally forgot to tell her that I'll be in Sison, Pangasinan today for my Auntie's birthday but I promised her dinner today after shift, and I guess she counted on me too much. Lol!

And now she's pretty upset with me, and I love it. I know it's my fault but I planned it, and |I'm happy that it worked.At least, she learned a lesson ans she now knows, I'm sure, how it feels. Lol! (I'm sorry Mitch. I have to do this for you to realize things you don't realize. I wish it helped you!

Today is my Auntie's birthday. It's her 61st burth anniversary. Happy birthday Auntie! Wishing you the best and more birthdays to come.

Attention all K-liters. Vote for 96.7 K=lite as the Golden Dove People Choice Best FM station in Baguio City. To cast your vote, kindly send GDOVE BAG FM5 to 2948. Voting ends November 12, 2010. Let's make 96.7 K-lite number 1 once again. I 'm done voting and I'm sure you will too. Go and grab your phone now!


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