Diary Entry: October 31, 2010 (07:09 AM Manila Time)

I'm currently reading Great Expectations by Victorian novelist Charles Dickens. I bought the book two days ago at the National Bookstore-Abanao Square at a discounted price, and I'm hoping I'll finish reading it Saturday next week because I also need to finish reading A Tale of Two Cities authored by Charles Dickens as well.

Great Expectations was first serialized in 1861 in the journal called All the Year Round. It is considered as one of the best novels Dickens has ever made and was regarded by Angus Wilson as one of his 'warmest novels'.Currently, I'm on page 11 and I love the beginning of the story, specifically how Pip, the main man in the story, started his saga.

Today is a Sunday, and it's my day-off. So far, I have no big plans today, unlike in previous days, save for hanging around the city. Oh yeah...I want to hang-around and enjoy my off. My first destination is National Bookstore. I want to grab a copy of Charles Dickens The Pickwick Papers, which was considered as the most popular of all his novels, or a copy of his David Copperfield - any book from him will actually do for me.

And my next destination? It depends. I mean kahit saan ako dalhin ng paa ko pwede na. also, I need to call my mom, eat with my cousins and sleep all day for tomorrow's shift!


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