Ten Important Things You Should Learn About Me

1. I was born August 08, 1986 in Bicol. I'm the eldest and I'm the only son in the family. My grandfather (mother's side) is a half-Spanish but unfortunately I did not inherit his genes unlike my other cousins. Perhaps I'm unlucky not to have his features.

2. I started blogging way back August 2004, and one of my greatest dreams is to become one of our country's top bloggers, earning around $100 or more from Google Adsense. 

3. I took up Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences major in Economics, minor in Political Science at the University of the Philippines Baguio.

4. I believe that the only person capable of breaking our heart is the one who holds it precariously in their hands - the one we love more than anyone else in the world. And there lies the irony.

5. I love life but I hate the fact that life is unfair. I hate the fact that life has many challenges and ironies.

6.I'm a music lover and I'm a great fan of 96.7 Klite - the number one hit music station in Baguio City.

7. I'm currently working as Associate/Activations Specialist at Sitel Philippines Corporation, Baguio City.

8. I don't belive in idealists Ideals are ideals only, and also I love to argue with people who do not agree with me too profoundly.

9. I believe that love is something that we can't plan or anticipate. We don't have to search for it because it comes naturally in our life - sometimes unexpectedly.

10. I don't like Jejemons but I don't understand why I find humor in the way the say things or the way they text. Jajajaja! Lol!


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