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Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Studied At UP Baguio If...

Honestly, I miss UP Baguio so much. I miss Oble, Inang Laya, the IB Lobby and, of course, the Main Library where I often stay back in college. But the thing is I see my school every time I go to work but still I miss her and I don't understand why. Anyway, here is my own version of "You Studied at UP Baguio If":

1. You have this unforgettable experience inside a cab: You told the driver "Manong UP po" and then the driver asked you "Philippines o Baguio". And you quick response is "Philippines" po. And you know the reason why!

2. You know the "lower UP" joke. I learned this from Miss Ruth Tindaan, my instructor in Communication Skills II. It's funny. I swear!

3. You know Professor Claur and you know the reason why almost everyone who happened to be in her class call her a terror PE prof.

5. You know Lolo Ben and "Choy". By the way, where's Choy?
6. You know where's "fac room" and the "secs office". Well, probably these were transferred but I'm sure you've used these rooms.

7. You played patintero at the Institute of Management Plaza (IM Plaza).

8. You know that UP Baguio was previously called UP College Baguio.

9. You have a UP shirt and you love wearing it. Matter of fact, you're proud wearing it!

10. You know that UP Baguio is the only university in the Philippines that offers Social Anthropology.

11. You know that HS 11 and HS 12 where Mathematics classes are held existed before. These rooms were now replaced by the College of Social Science Complex.

12. You know Court A and Court B and you know why Abortion Stairs is called Abortion Stairs.

13. You know Manang Mane but until now you don't know her real name. (just like me)

14. You either hate or love TC7 by Leithold.

15. You suddenly miss Bluebook and you can't help but smile while reading this entry. You can't help but think of the days you spent at UP Baguio.

The list is actually endless, and if you're from UP Baguio and you want to share your own version of "You Studied At UP Baguio If" please don't hesitate to click on add comment. Feel free to add yours and if possible kindly include your student number.

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