First Blog Post of the Month

I tried the new Sweet and Sour Pork Lauriat by Chowking at Chowking-Session Road yesterday and, honestly speaking, it tasted sooooo good I even managed to order it again after I went to Police Station I  at Naguilian Road for my cousin's OJT evaluation. For Php139.00 inclusive of VAT (hehe), I enjoyed the food, no ifs no buts. And mind you, I don't eat a lot for some health reasons which I rather not mention here but with Chowking's Sweet and Sour Pork, I did. Of course, one will definitely break rules specifically if there's something extremely yummy to be 'devoured' on the table. Lol! Thumbs up for Chowking for this new creation - so yummy, so addictive - at a very affordable price.

Today is November 1st and I'm diappointed with Mitch which, to tell you honestly, rarely happens. I'm losing control. I'm losing my head and I want to freak out! I want to hate her for all the things that she did, for all the pretensions and lies but I can't. I really can't, I swear!

I think GDC-Sitel should be more keen when it comes to screening applicants for higher position, specifically for Coaches. It will be a lot better if it will choose applicants who are at least one year in the account and good enough product-wise. I will not name names but I know someone, a Coach to be precise, who is indubitably not fit for his position...such an incompetent person for the position! What the hell!

Mission accomplished: Good thing I'm done with my laundry. I'm done cleaning my room. I'm done editing my template (thanks to Venus for informing me that my comment link is not working. It's now fixed). I'm done with hot shower. What else? I'm good to  go! Lol!


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