The Great Escape to Kasay, San Fernando, La Union

We never did plan for it well unlike what we did in our team building (which, unfortunately, was postponed because of some confidential reasons which I rather not mention here) but it worked, and we ended up with a rejuvenating trip to a private resort  in Kasay, San Fernando, La Union. The resort is owned by a Swiss national who happened to be one of my workmates' Uncle. I tell you it's one of the most memorable events in my life. (By the way, I have to admit this: I brought only two underwear with me to the resort. I used the first brief after we went to the beach and the second after I took a bath. So guess what? I went back to Baguio without any underwear! Lol! And, hey, it's very uncomfortable. I had to check my zip every minute just to make sure that it's fine. Whew!) Enjoy the pix guys!
Yours truly at the Philippine Economics Zone Authority area!. Getting ready for the trip!
Pretty ladies: Aniway Palabay, Norizza Quizzora and Jocelyn Fernandez.

Left to right: Joe, Nef, Priscilla, Me, Celine and Norizza. Picture-picture while on our way to the beach!

Backview. Celine, Norizza, Priscilla, Jo, Nef and Annie
On the way to the beach! Norizza, Celine, Nef, Jo and Priscilla
Left to right: Celine, Priscilla (hidden), Jo, Annie, Norizzza and Nef
Best Friends Forever. Aniway Palabay and Jocelyn Fernandez

Single Ladies: Nef, Norizza, Annie and Celine
Future model: Norriza Quizzora
Pretty Aniway Palabay. So far this is one of the photos I like most. Isn't it amazing?
The beach. Isn't it perfect?
Pretty Aniway Palabay. The Dyesebel of our generation!
This is me. How I wish I have great abs so I can confidently take my clothes off.
Nef told me this is the "mama shell". And guess what? She found the "baby shell".
Sunset at the beach! Amazing, isn't it? One of the most beautiful sunset I've ever witnessed.
Sexy ladies: Norizza, Annie and Celine and Nef (partly hidden)
Norizza and the sunset. They are both beautiful!
Sunset pose. My work mates, my team mates!
Done. On our way back to the private resort! Exhausted yet fulfilled!
Here we go again! Yours truly, Jo, Priscilla, Norizza, Celine and Annie on our way to the beach!.
Hanging by a moment. Lol! Norizza, Jo, Priscilla, Celine, Me and Nef!


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