My Christmas Wishlist 2010 (Final Edition)

1. a great escape to Sagada, Mountain Province (we've actually planned to visit the place before and I'm hoping that we'll be able to check and see the place before the year ends) or a rejuvenating trip to Laiya Coco Grove Beach in San Juan, Batangas.

2. a brand new Sony Bloggie (preferably black) or a brand new Sony Cybershot-TX5 - perfect for taking pictures everywhere I go.

3. a brand new iPhone 4 or a Samsung Omnia B7610. iPhone 4 was first released by Globe September 26th of this year, and the price: Php 43, 000.00.Amen!

4. to be promoted at Sitel. I wanna be a Quality Analyst. Period! How I wish there will be new opening for higher positions January next year! (and a salary increase)

5. a gift phone from Globe. Any phone from Globe will do for me as long as it has a camera or wifi. How I wish someone from Globe is reading this article and they realized that I must be given a brand new phone this coming Christmas!

6. a brand new Nike shoes (size 8). The last time  I bought (for Php3, 945.00) a Nike shoes was two years ago but, hey, it's still as good as new! How I wish Tiongsan Harrison,. SM and Country Mart-Session Road will have a sale this coming Christmas. What about 50% off on selected Nike shoes? I wish! (Wish granted. Hehehe!)

7. world peace (if you notice I always include world peace in my wish list), We need peace on earth and not war!

8. crazy s**  involving acrobatic positions or, perhaps, a kinky triplet. Awww...what the hell am I talking about? Is this a joke? Honestly, I don't know! Lol!

9. a healthy mind and a healthy body. And also good health for my grandparents. They're both getting old and weak noq. I wish God will always be watching them. I miss my lolo and lola so much!

10. to be one of our country's top bloggers, earning around $100.00 from Google Adsense every month. How I wish! $100.00 monthly Adsense earning is enough for me!


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