Random Snapshots of My Week

"There will be times when you will be in the field without a camera. And, you will see the most glorious sunset or the most beautiful scene that you have ever witnessed. Don't be bitter because you can't record it. Sit down, drink it in, and enjoy it for what it is!" ~DeGriff

New addition to my collection: Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities (first published in 1859) and Great Expectations (first published in 1861). Books were published by Penguin Books in 1994. I haven't started reading A Tale of Two Cities but I'm almost done reading Great Expectations.

My work mates, my team mates. Pretty ladies: Aniway Palabay, Norizza Quizzora, Jocelyn Fernandez and Jackielyn Manangan. Photo taken during our 60-minute lunch break at the pantry.

Sunset in Rosario, La Union. Photo taken while I'm on my way to Baguio City. Isn't it perfect? Don't tell me it's not or else...hhhmmm!

"I'll be home for Christmas" according to one song. How I wish. But one thing is sure: I won't be home for Christmas. Ho-ho-ho-ho! (Or should I say Hu-hu-hu-hu?) What do you think?
Perfect dessert after my breakfast. Toppings 'n Treats special (or should I say yummy?) Majablanca.

Session Road again! Cars are everywhere!

Session Road. Cars are everywhere!
Development Bank of the Philippines located at the foot of Session Road, Baguio City

Casa Lorenza. I'm always amazed by this great structure.
My shadow! Have you ever wished you were a shadow? Me? I never did but I don't understand why I'm delighted every time I look at my own shadow! There's poetry in my shadow perhaps. Amazing!
At BDO-Abanao Square Mall. Payday is also a 'save day'. Good thing BDO is open on Saturdays!
Surise in Baguio City, Photo taken today at around 5:35 in the morning! Isn't it amazing? There will always be trials and challenges in our lives but there's always a new day, a new hope and a new life.
This is me. On my way to church today. See my pimple? Hate it! Pimples are making me sick
Saint Joseph Church at Naguilian Road. Today is a Sunday. I went to church and thanked God for all the blessings He gave me. God will always be with us, in our journey and struggles in life. Praise him!
Inside Sitel Baguio City - Site 1. Photo taken after my shift. By the way, we'll be using Avaya One-X on Monday! How I wish it's easy for us to navigate the new tool!
Forbidden shot. Taking photos inside my workplace in not allowed but I did and, unfortunately I was caught. Lol! I was expecting a 'violator's form' from one of the guards on duty but, hey, one of the guards told me "Di na kailngan, wag mo na lang uulitin", and I was relieved. I swear I won't do it again.


  1. _u'R reaLLy such a gOod wRiter! luv it & keep it up!=)

  2. Thanks Cylyn! Hehehe! And thanks for visiting my website as well!


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