Yellow Shirts and The Q3 Summit at The Heritage Mansion Hotel

L-R: Regent, Nef, Me, Jackie, Seina, Coach Allen and Shelly
Honestly, I hate wearing yellow shirts. I hate (or perhaps 'I don't like' is the more appropriate term) wearing yellow shirts because: first, I believe that yellow is not good for me because 'I'm not that white' (I'm referring to my skin color) and, second, yellow reminds me of  the old terrible days when I was on the verge of breaking down and of giving up because of some confidential reason which I rather not mention here. The last time I wore yellow shirt was way back second year high school, roughly nine years ago, and nothing followed. I'm keeping this record -fact is I managed no to buy yellow shirts for the past ten  years- only to be broken because of yesterday's Q3 Summit held at The Heritage Mansion Hotel from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time.

But I'm not blaming the summit for breaking the record much less blame myself for wearing yellow. So far, I enjoyed the summit, and the summit itself was a great success (although I figured out early in the morning today that Q1 Summit is far better than yesterday's simply because I was with my wave mates when the former was held April of this year. Hahaha!) Follwing are some of the images taken at the summit (special thanks to Regent Brian Bernabe for the photos):
GDC Q3 Summit and Recognition held at The Heritage Mansion Hotel, November 6, 2010.
Yours truly wearing yellow shirt after nine years. My record was broken because of the summit.

My work mates (from left to right): Jackielyn Manangan, Nefreena Evangelista and pretty Shelley Torres

Workmates (from left to right): Seina Marie Cadampog, Jackielyn Managan, Me, Nefreena Evangelista and Regent Brian Bernabe

Left to right: Coach Rey Allen Suba, Nefreena Evagelista, Seina Marie Cadampog, Shelly Torres, Me, Jackielyn Manangan and Regent Brian Bernabe.
Left to right: Joe, Regent, Me, Jackie and Seina before the start of the summit!

Us again! Left to right: Yours truly,  Regent Brian Bernabe, Jacekielyn Manangan and Nefreena Evagelista.

After the Summit! Left to right: Shelley Torres, Jackielyn Manangan, Nefreena Evagelista, Seina Marie Cadampog, Me and Regent Brian Bernabe

Pose! Pose! Pose! Me after the summit. Tired and tired! Lol!

Group pictorial after the summit: Regent Brian Bernabe, Nefreena Evagelista, Jackielyn Manangan, Me and Shelly Torres


  1. did u had your team building guys? please dont forget to give me a ring if you'll have one..miss y'all much

  2. We'll have our team building on November 27th at the Aquarium Resort somewhere in Damortis!


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