Random Thoughts: December 8, 2010

Sometimes I wonder why life is unfair. Is it because of destiny or fate? I went out earlier yesterday to buy "my stuffs" to be greeted again by the following scenarios: a beggar at the G-shaped overpass at the foot of Session Road, kids selling plastics bags at the public market (you will hear them say "Manong, plastic niyo po!"), people selling pirated DVDs and other stuffs at the sidewalk,  and teens or students selling Sun Sim  cards to make a living.

If some people are spending thousands or probably millions for one day, then, why are these people "out there"? Is it because they are destined to be "out there". I wonder and I don't know why!

***    ***    ***    ***
Someone sent me a message: "...[N]kkaoffend n nga na d kau ng invite. Ano lng nmn ung kaplastikan n sasabihin nio my pupuntahan kau pro ni isa walang nangahas mgsabi NA UY OUT OF TOWN KMI? Khit d nio n TEL N GUSTO NIO SumaMA ...kz nga accdng s inyo BIGLAAN po pro my dala KAUNG DAMIT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Well, I dare say " NO COMMENT" but, honestly speaking, I'm hurt - terribly hurt because no one in my entire life told me something like this. Yes, I'm hurt  but  I'll be fine soon but it will take months, or perhaps years,  to heal the wound created!

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I learned  today:  I've learned that you cannot make someone love you.  All you can do is be someone who can be loved.  The rest is up to them.


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