Things I Must Do Before 2010 Ends

 2010 is almost over - precisely one more day to go as of this writing - but still I have a lot of things to do, and it frustrates me. Here are some of the things I must do before the year ends:

1. make a draft for my official entry to the "Pulp Up Your Blog" contest by Minute Maid Philippines. Entries should be posted on their wall on January 10, 2010 to qualify.

2. a quick escape to Sison, Pangasinan. I'll be there later today but I need to go to the laundry shop first.

3. give my gift to QA Lorraine later tonight. (@ QA Lorraine: If you're reading this I want to say 'sorry' because your gift is delayed.

4. haircut, diamond peel at Youthful Glow Aesthetic Center at Session Road, shop some goodies and a new design and layout for my blog (optional)

5. render RDOT tonight. I wonder if it will be queuing like the previous days. I wish not!.

6. buy a new pen. I lost my favorite pen and couldn't find it anymore. This is ridiculous.

7. I'm thinking if I need to shave...hmmmm!

8. need to buy new contact lens (preferably charcoal) at Ideal Vision. My other 'contacts' are no longer good.

9. a rejuvenating trip to La Union with my cousins. I promised them we will and they're counting on me! Hhhhmmm!


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