My 2011 Horoscope Based on Moon Sign

The Leo Horoscope predicts that 2011 will be an average year, which would become better as the year progresses. You will become more positive and clear in your thinking once you get into May 2011.

The period till early May 2011 will be the most challenging phase of the year. Your thinking could be pessimistic coupled with complexes and some insecurity in outlook. Some irrational decisions could emerge out of this thinking due to which you should avoid major decisions or changes during this phase. Period beyond 26th January 2011, would be difficult. You need to be cautious about what you speak and write, since it could backfire upon you.

As per the Leo Horoscope, the year will begin with your mind muddled up and negative or self defeating thinking prevalent. Some strategic decisions could be poor during this time, and you will understand the implication and the resultant clarity after 2nd May 2011. It would be better to defer important decisions to May 2011 and the period beyond that. You will be tempted to make major changes in career during this year. It would, however, be useful to avoid making any significant changes now.


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