On Love (A Repost)

Note: I wrote this poem way back 2006 and this was also submitted at the International Poetry Competition II.

Love is like a Conquistador standing in a dark courtyard,
Or beads of perspiration running in a snakelike rivulets,
Or a scent of a blooming jasmine and old hickory trees,
Or a mercury exultantly mounting in a thermometer.

Love is like an umber-colored kaleidoscope of leaves flurrying in the night sky,
Or an acrid breath burning my eye,
Or a velvety, warm and enveloping fog,
Or snaking trails of a dripping blood.

Love is like the creaking of the branch in the chill wind,
Or a blanket gently pulled up over the hideous wounds,
Or a rumbling thunder electrifying the gravestones,
Or a rain pattering down on a canvas.

Love is like a huge blade plunging into my chest,
Or a flurry of dizziness and shards of gnawing distress.
Love is like an extraordinary fortune-teller with a deck of tarot cards,
Or a shower of silvery hypnotic sparks!


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