Sitel Baguio Deserves My Loyalty

In my previous entries, I mentioned that I need enough time to decide whether or not I should leave Sitel. I wrote: Should I follow my 'heart' or should I follow my 'head'? (Click here for more details).

And after days of meditation coupled with 'manual intervention' (hahaha), my 'heart' prevailed which I believe is best for me and, needless to say, for Sitel. I came up with one final decision, ceteris paribus:  I won't leave Sitel. She deserves my loyalty and my service. Period!

If you happen to work at Sitel or if you are working at Sitel, you'll probably tell me that this is an 'impractical decision', knowing the fact that there are other companies here in Baguio City where the grass is always green and is getting greener and greener as days pass by (aside from the recent talk of the town which I suggest that you click here for more details). Fine, I won't argue with you. Call me impractical, stupid, name it, but still I won't change my mind. I love my job, and if my 'heart' is on my job, it's not only rewarding but also 'fun'. Consequently, if someone loves what he's doing, he undeniably tends to be more productive and 'less stressed'. Wanna bet?

I may sound 'plastic or what you may call it, but my decision is as clear as mirror. Sitel Baguio deserves my loyalty. Period!


  1. If you are happy with what you are doing, go go go. I am sure they'll understand btw visiting you here through bloggers exchange

  2. Yeah, I agree with you. We must love what we love. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I am undergoing a similar dilemma whether to pursue med school (my head) or go for masters degree in Marine biology (my heart)...

    btw, aakyat ako sa baguio this Feb 27 for the panagbenga.

  4. nice aris... you love working with SITEL huh... Good for you... anyways... Hope SITEL rewards you for your loyalty... MUCH MUCH more that just the 2k alignment and yearly appraisal... (it should have been done a long time ago for me not to quit on the company... hehe...) see you in CVG... wahaha... JOKE

  5. @ Anonymous: Yeah, I do love working for Sitel - no matter what happens! Thanks for dropping by!

    @Ivan: If I were you, I'll choose Med School! Thanks for the visit, and I wish you enjoyed your Panagbenga experience here in Baguio City!

  6. wow...
    do you really have to broadcast everything on the internet?What's the big deal...
    If you're a genuine loyal employee, you wouldn't be whining about "confidential issues" all over the web...


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