Things I Must Do in 2011 Part I

2011 is Year of the Rabbit, and for a "Tiger" like me this year is a combination of "good lucks" and "bad lucks". Of course, this is according to the Chinese Zodiac. But according to My Zodiac, this year will be another year of "good lucks" and "good lucks". Hahaha! Believe me! By the way, I created a list of things I must do in 2011. Here they are:

Rizal Beach Resort: one of the must-see places in Bicol!
1. Blog, blog, blog, blog! Blogging is and will always be a part of my life. Blogging is fun not to mention that it also allows me to air my sentiments and gain friends from all over the world!

2. Visit Sagada, Mountain Provice (Hanging Coffin Cave). We planned to check the place last year but, sad to say, it's all plans. But, hey, this year we'll definitely go there - by hook or by crook! Watch out for updates!

3. Vacation leave in Bicol (Gubat, Sorsogon City). I filed my leave some days ago and I really hope it will be approved this time unlike what happened in my first leave application! I so freakin' miss Bicol much! By the way, it's my sister's graduation on April so I must really go home. I don't want to miss the event! And also miss the Rizal Beach Resort in Rizal, Gubat, Sorsogon City!

4. A new design for my site? Hhhhmmm....I'll think about this real "deep". I can't afford to loss my current theme. It's simple but I love it more than any design I had in the past. Perhaps, I'll just edit the header image. Hhhmmmm...gimme more time to ponder about this!

5. I want to be promoted at work. I am serious! I wanna be a mentor, a quality analyst, a learning name it!

6. Join more blogging contests and aim for the top prize. Hahaha! I recently joined the Minute Maid Philippines "Pulp Up Your Blog" contest but, sad to day, I didn't make it on top. But it's fine. What matters a lot is I enjoyed the tilt!

7. Someone asked me: "Are you going to join the movement?" I just smiled because I don't know what to tell him. Or perhaps I'm too afraid to say "yes". Perhaps? Well, perhaps!

8. Kids, kids, kids, kids! Ohhh..hold on one second. What the hell am I talking about? Sure, I do want to have kids but not in 2011. But who knows?

9. Rock climbing, mountain climbing, wall climbing, surfing, zip-lining, and other extreme sports!

10. to be continued (hehehe)


  1. i hope to visit Legaspi City someday and have a tour as much as i can of the Bicol region.

    Hopping from TBE!

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  2. Hi Arlene, thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm wishing you'll have some time visiting Bicol!

  3. Dropping by from BEx :)

    i want a new blog design, too!

    Here are my 2011 Resolutions

    and Blogging Plans

    We're dropping by Legazpi City soon!

  4. Hey, thanks for dropping by my site! Good luck in your trip!

  5. hi, goodluck on your things to do...i love to see bicol region someday! keep us posted...

    visiting you thru The Bloggers Exchange program...see yah around! :)

  6. Bicol is LOVE!!!


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